The holidays are drawing closer and Christmas is the second busiest for travelers.  Perhaps you are going to be one of those travelers this season but are wondering what to do with your pets at home?  A pet sitter can be a great option but how do you know if it’s right for you and your animals?  We have tips on when a pet sitter is right and how to choose the best fit for your pups and kittens!

1.  First, you must decide if a pet sitter is right for your household.  Animals that are able to be alone as home will more than likely be great with a pet sitter.  Animals that need supervision, such as puppies, may do better with a relative, friend or boarding facility while you’re away.  For example, some Puggle puppies love to run around the house with their owners but rest quietly while they’re away.  This pup would do great with a pet sitter as they’re not destructive and do not have separation anxiety.

2.  Next, you want to do your research on the pet sitters that are in your area.  Visit their websites and read all about them, their services, their pricing, their service areas and right done the pros and cons of each sitter.  Review your list and choose the top 3 to call or e-mail for more information.

3.  Schedule a meet-and-greet with these top 3 sitters that you have chosen.  Most pet sitters offer this initial consultation as a free service, so you won’t be out any money while you’re shopping around.  Play close attention to how they interact with your pets, how your pets interact with them, and never be shy to ask questions – that’s what they’re there for!  Get to know them a bit more, see if they have any experience with particular breeds, such as Puggle puppies, what animals they have of their own, how long they’ve been in business, etc.  This sitter will be in your home so you’ll want to get to know them and feel comfortable!

4.  You’ll want to know the exact dates that you’ll be away when you schedule the meet-and-greet.  Pet sitters are extremely busy around the holidays and book up fast!  Talk to them about which services they feel will be best for your pets and determine if the cost will work for your budget.

5.  Once you have chosen a pet sitter, give them a call or write them an e-mail and let them know.  You’ll want to get on their schedule as soon as possible so you’re not scrambling for another idea at the last minute.

6.  Be sure you fill out all of the paperwork your pet sitter provides for you sufficiently and provide them with all possible numbers to reach you in an emergency.  Pet sitters are trained to deal with any emergency that may arise but you’ll want to be informed and easy to reach, should one arise.  Make sure all foods, treats, medications, leashes, etc are in an easy place for your sitter to find so that they are not spending their time searching for these items when they could be spending it with your pet.

7.  Above all else, choose a sitter that makes your animals happy and comfortable!  You want them to enjoy their holidays as much as you are while you’re away!

Is a Pet Sitter Best for Your Puppy?