Bringing a new puppy in the house can be exciting for just about anyone, but sometimes kids may not know the correct way to treat a puppy.  Using a couple simple steps listed below can teach you to explain how to respect and play with your new member of the house.

  • First, explain to your child or children that a new puppy is to be treated just like another member of the family.  Explain to them that puppies are like babies in that they need to be nurtured and taken care of everyday.
  • Tell your children that a Puggle puppy needs to be fed, taken outside, go for walks, play games and interact with the family in a positive way.  If your children know this right away it will prevent any issues in the future.
  • Show your child how to play safely and gently with the puppy.  Explain to them that they can get hurt just like humans can and they should be very gentle.  Teach them not to hit, yell or throw things at the Puggle puppy.
  • Explaining to the children that puppies are to be taken care of and respected just like a friend will help them grasp the thought of the puppy.  By showing your children to respect the puppy, it will instill values and morals in how to interact the right way with animals.
  • If your children have positive experiences with animals and puppies, they will be more likely to respect and adopt puppies in the future and show their children that puppies are a special part of the family.
  • Many times, giving your child responsibilities that deal with the puppy also makes them feel important and like they are taking care of something.  Give them duties like feeding the puppy and giving them water throughout the day.  Also, you can assign them to brush or help out with giving the Puggle puppy baths.

Following these simple suggestions can really make your child feel like they are responsible for their puppy.

Teaching Kids to Respect Puppies