Well, we almost made it through another winter and finally can get excited about spring and summertime.  While the warm seasons are beautiful there are some dangers outside that can harm your puppy.  Below are some tips on dealing with bee stings and how to keep your puppy safe from harm.

  1. Flowers are one of the beautiful parts about spring and summer, but along with flowers come bees.  As you know, puppies are extremely curious and feel like they are invincible to anything.  Bees on the other hand are not a very pleasant insect to deal with, so keeping an eye on your Puggle puppy is very important while outdoors.
  2. Bee stings can cause diarrhea, infection, an uncomforting feeling and allergic reactions in your puppy.  If your puppy is stung by a bee keep an eye on them to see their symptoms.  If they seem short of breath or are swelling at the sting sight, take them to a veterinarian as soon as you possibly can to avoid further issues.
  3. If you have taken your Puggle puppy to the vet in the past and they seem ok after a sting or aren’t allergic, try some simple home remedies to take the pain and swelling away.  Of course, be sure to run the ideas through with your vet to make sure you are following them correctly.
  4. Sometimes Benadryl works wonders for a pet, so give that a try and ask your vet for dosing instructions.  Sometimes baking soda mixed with a small amount of water can be applied to the sting sight and can help reduce the swelling and pain caused from the poison.  This paste is easily applied and sticks to your pet because of the thickness of the paste, so you won’t have to worry about it causing a big mess.

Follow these simple steps during the spring and summer and you’ll have one happy Puggle puppy!

Dealing with Your Puppy’s Bee Stings