Ok, so the topic may sound pretty gross and is in reality, but it’s still a pretty important issue to deal with when taking care of a puppy.  Listed below are some tips on how to help with this problem and steps to take to avoid it in your future.

  • Dealing with diarrhea is no picnic, but sometimes it’s just in the cards for us so knowing how to fix the problem is very important.  Sometimes it’s unfortunate but our puppies get this issue whether they (we) like it or not!
  • One way to avoid this issue is to watch your French Bulldog puppy’s diet.  Feeding them table scraps isn’t always the best idea, especially if they have a weak stomach.  This problem is pretty common in dogs and especially puppies because their stomachs are just now starting to adjust to new foods and activities.
  • If you notice your puppy acting differently or seems to lack interest, it could be a sign of bad things to come.  Maybe they ate something outside they shouldn’t have or maybe they picked something up off the floor and it isn’t agreeing with their stomach.  It’s important to take preventive steps, especially when dealing with a puppy.
  • Sometimes the issue could be the food, but other times it could be a bigger problem inside your French Bulldog puppy’s stomach making them sick.  Sometimes grass, dead animals or other ingredients in your puppy’s food could be to blame, so keeping an eye on them at all times is very important.
  • Sometimes your puppy’s personality is to blame.  Just like humans, puppy’s stomachs get upset when dealing with anxiety or other stressful satiations.  If your puppy has a hard time leaving your side, it could cause these problems in the future.   To fix this problem, try leaving them home alone in a crate after you’ve taken them outside multiple times.  This will ensure that they have an empty stomach and will have less of a chance of leaving you a “present” when you get back home.
Dealing with…Canine Diarrhea!