We are all guilty of losing our cool at times and losing patience with our puppy when they are doing something bad, but did you ever stop to think maybe they aren’t really listening at all?  Maybe they aren’t listening because they don’t comprehend what we’re saying.  Below is a list of reasons why our puppies chose to ignore us and how we can get them to listen once and for all!

  • The first step to getting your Beabull puppy to listen to you is to stay calm and keep a stern voice when disciplining them.  It’s important to keep calm because if you are ranting and raving while screaming, they will learn to fear you instead of respecting you, and we definitely don’t want that happening.
  • Many times, puppies are just like children.  If you say “no” or “bad” all the time, they are just going to become used to it and ignore you when you are trying to tell them something is “wrong” or not to do it.  If you notice, not many puppies or other pets respond to the word “no” because we as humans use it on a regular basis when disciplining.  If we start to use other words in different tones, it will come across in a totally different way that will be new to the puppy and they will be more likely to respond to the demands.
  • One action you want to stay away from is physical discipline.  Hitting your puppy to teach them a lesson has been proven ineffective and is honestly not a good idea at all.  Your puppy will start to become fearful and can develop social issues if they begin to fear you or other people around them.
  • It’s also important to remember that you are dealing with puppies, not humans.  Beabull puppies are naturally adventurous and like to be energetic, this is a good personality trait to have and shouldn’t be thought of as negative.  Your puppy should be rewarded for listening, respecting, playing and being adventurous.  That is just their nature and should be respected for it.  Who knows, maybe it can show you a thing or two about patience and learning to let go and have fun.
Is Your Puppy Your Worst Enemy at Times?