Nipping, play biting or rough housing may be fun while you have a small, cute puppy.  But this behavior can easily stay with a dog as he grows and turn into a major problem.  Learn how to prevent this behavior while your pup is still young in order to have a well behaved adult dog in the future!

Allowing your puppy to bite you or even playfully nip you is a clear sign that he has dominance over you.  In a pack environment, puppies are quickly put in their place by their mothers or other adults in the pack to be sure they understand that biting the older dogs in unacceptable because they are lower in the pack.  This same technique must be brought into your home to be sure your pup understands he is not dominant over you.

All puppies love to bite, especially when they are growing their adult teeth.  But it is your responsibility to teach them what is appropriate to bite or chew and what is not.  They must understand that nipping or biting you is never allowed.  If your puppy does bite you, give him a sharp, quick, loud no and remove your hand.  You must be serious and not laugh or your puppy will not take you seriously.  Quickly give your puppy a toy to bite or chew so that he understands he is not allowed to bite you or members of the family.

Playing with your puppy should be enjoyable and fun for everyone.  Ensuring that your dog understands that he cannot chew on you is the first step in keeping play time fun for now and the future.  An adult dog that loves to use your fingers as chew toys will certainly not be adorable and can create dangerous scenarios for you and other members of your family or friends.

Preventing Nipping in Your Puppy