Running away is a very dangerous problem for dog owners as most of us live on or near busy streets where your pup can easily get him by a car.  Properly teaching Puggle puppies to stay with you is the best way to combat this behavior.  And the training is simple!

Puggle puppies, because they are part Beagle, love to follow their nose, meaning they want to go wherever the good smells lead them.  And those smells can be more interesting than your screaming pleads to come back.  Keeping Puggle puppies on a leash while they are young is safest until you are 100% sure they are not going to take off.

Some dogs run away because they have lots of pent up energy and want to take a quick romp around the block to release it.  The problem is there are many dangers out there and they may not always be able to find their way home.  Your puppy should always have on a collar with ID tags so that if he is found, he can be returned to you.  Getting a microchip implanted in your pup is also a great idea in case the collar breaks or slips off while he is on his adventure.

The first step to teaching Puggle puppies to not run away is to teach them the basic commands of “sit” and “stay”.  These commands will help for things such as opening the door for company, taking him outside of a fenced in area, etc.  Before you open any door or gate, make your puppy sit and stay.  Do not let him move until you give him a release command such as “go” or “release”.  This will prove to your pup that he is not permitted to just bolt out the door whenever he has a chance.

Creating a strong bond with Puggle puppies through training and lots of time spent with them is the best foundation to ensure your pup stays at home and isn’t out searching for more enjoyable things to do!

Teaching Puppies NOT to Run Away