Many of us have heard that “sharing is caring” right?  Well usually when we say this we are speaking about children playing together, but it can be used when dealing with puppies also.  Listed below are some tips on how to ensure your puppy is sharing their toys and time with other puppies and humans as well!

  1. The first step to helping your Yorkie puppy share is to give them attention and affection while playing.  If they associate playing with a positive and energetic experience, it will set the ground work for positive play.
  2. If you have more than one puppy or have a baby or child in the house, be sure to show the puppy how to play calmly and how to listen to your commands.  Explain to your child that puppies need to be taught how to share too, so it can help your puppy and child all at the same time.  Nothing wrong with killing two birds with one stone right?
  3. The next step is to show your Yorkie puppy a toy and pass it to another puppy or child you are in the room with.  It will teach them how to develop thinking skills and how to get the toy from one place to another.
  4. If your puppy is showing aggressive tendencies against sharing their toys, bed or even water bowls be patient.  Of course they may not understand with words but showing them is just as valuable at times.  Show them that it is ok to share and that it is more fun to play with another puppy than by themselves.
  5. If they don’t seem to be catching on to sharing, stick with it.  Give them an opportunity to interact with other puppies and children as well.  If they start to associate playing and sharing with other puppies and children, it will help the process go a lot smoother and keep them calm at the same time.
  6. Yorkie puppies are very energetic and affectionate so share your time equally with other puppies and/or humans in the house.  If they feel like they are being ignored or less important, it will start to show with disobedience and negative actions.
Teaching Your Puppy to Share