Bringing a puppy home is a pretty exciting time, but making sure you’re ready and have the lifestyle to do so is half the battle.  Listed below are the top 5 things to consider before bringing a new family member into the house.

  1. The most important step to consider before bringing a puppy into the house is your own lifestyle.  English Bulldog puppies need a lot of space and countless hours of love and affection.  It wouldn’t be fair to your puppy if you’re only home for a couple hours during the day, so keep that in mind when considering adopting a puppy.
  2. Space is also something to keep in mind when bringing a puppy home.  Puppies are very adventurous and love to run around and burn off excess energy.  If you live in a city or busy town, check out local parks and places to take your puppy for their daily exercise.  If you live in an area with a yard or open space, consider adding a fence or some safety precautions to keep them away from danger.  Safety is always the most important when taking care of a puppy.
  3. Having children in the house is also something to consider.  Whether you already have your family and just want to add one more to the mix or if you are expecting a new baby, keep in mind what will be asked of you.  Sometimes puppies develop jealousy towards other people getting attention, so you don’t want any issues coming into play.  If you are expecting a new child you may want to put off getting an English Bulldog puppy for the time being, but it can always be an option down the road.
  4. Another consideration is income.  Of course, all your puppy wants is love, but they also get hungry and want to play.  Having a steady income before bringing a puppy into the house is very important and is somewhat overlooked at times.  You will also need to take them to the vet, keep them warm, give them toys to keep them busy, feed them and make sure they are as happy as can be.  You don’t want them to feel neglected or not taken care of, so be sure to have your financial situation sorted out before adding one more mouth to feed.
  5. The last thing to consider before bringing a puppy home is your own personality.  This may be the one of the most important things to figure out and can be the most challenging.  Knowing yourself and your personality will help you decide whether a puppy is a good idea or just isn’t in the cards for you and your life.  English Bulldog puppies require a lot of love, affection, exercise, attention and most importantly, patience.  Of course, pouppies and humans are very different in many ways, but they are also similar.  If you tend to have a short fuse or get irritated quickly, maybe a puppy isn’t for you.  Of course, only you will know whether or not this is the case, but many times older dogs are a great alternative.  Do your research and figure out what is best for you and your personality.  Taking all of these factors into consideration will help you decide whether or not a puppy is right for you!
Top 5 Considerations Before Bringing a Puppy Home