Constant whining and crying from your dog can be a very annoying habit.  You may be at your whit’s end trying to stop the behavior with no luck.  First, you need to know why dogs whine and then you can learn how to stop these noisy pleads altogether!

English Bulldog puppies and other breeds are social animals, especially as puppies.  Puppies are used to being in a group with other littermates and their mother.  This is also how they communicate with their littermates and mother to be sure they are getting what they need.  Before you rush to stop the whining behavior, read this short list of why your puppy may be whining to ensure nothing else is wrong.

  • They want attention – this is the most common reason.  If this is the reason for your English Bulldog puppy to be whining, we have quick tips below to stop it!
  • The puppy could be uncomfortable such as too cold, too hot, maybe he got wet, etc or he could be in pain.
  • New environments can make English Bulldog puppies uneasy and nervous, causing them to whine for attention and comfort.
  • Many puppies will whine when they want something, such as needing to go outside to the bathroom, maybe they’re thirsty or hungry or they’re just bored and need to get out that extra energy.
  • Separation anxiety also causes whining as they are lonely and not ready to be alone.

If your puppy is whining because he needs something, he’s in pain or uncomfortable or needs to go to the bathroom, we recommend not to stop this behavior.  This is only way to communicate with you and you both need that open line of communication to be sure you’re both getting what you want and need from each other.

On the other hand, if your pup is whining to get attention, this is something you do not want to reinforce.  And it’s simple!  Just don’t pay him any attention until he is quiet.  If your English Bulldog puppy is whining, crying and carrying on in order to get your attention, give him nothing.  Turn your back to him and don’t say a word or look at him until he is quiet.  Once he is, you may praise him for being quiet and go about your business as usual.  You may also teach me a command like “quiet”.  Say it loud and sharp when he is whining.  When he stops whining, praise him or give him a small treat.  Soon he will come to understand that whining is bad and will stop altogether or learn the command and respond immediately.

Whining, Crying, Howling – Enough Already!