Both Yorkie puppies and other dogs are known to mark their territory on furniture, belongings, outdoor plants and everything in between.  The first step to stopping this unwanted behavior is to understand it.  We’ll explain why dogs mark their territory and some easy tips on keeping them from doing this on your belongings!

Why Do Dogs Mark Their Territory?
Yorkie puppies and other breeds learn the most about their environment through their sense of smell.  Because their nose is at least 1,000 times stronger than ours, dogs and puppies can pick up the smallest scents and learn just about everything they need to from that scent.  For example, dogs can sense where another dog has been, how long it’s been since that dog has eaten, when the last time the dog mated, and for females, when she will be ready to mate again, all from the scent of their urine.

Dogs also mark their territory as a sign of dominance.  This proves to the other dogs that he lives in the area and he runs the area – don’t mess with him!  This why you’ll see dogs in parks following each other around peeing on the same spots over and over again.

So How Do You Stop It?
When Yorkshire Terrier puppies are peeing on the corner of your bed, your couch and anything else they can find, they are trying to prove their dominance over you.  One clear way to prove yourself as alpha of the pack is to start obedience training.  Teaching your puppy to respond to your commands and listen to you in order to get what he wants (i.e. a treat, his meals, some attention, etc) shows him that he is not in control and, therefore, not the leader of the pack.

If you have already started obedience training and your pup is still marking, getting him neutered will help to stop this behavior.  Unneutered males have many hormones coursing through their bodies which sometimes make him unable to control his instinctive behaviors, such as marking.

Be careful not to confuse housebreaking accidents with territory marking in Yorkshire Terrier puppies.  An accident under the table or by the door could be that he just couldn’t hold it any longer.  Most dogs mark on the corners of things such as beds, couches, walls, tables, etc.  Although proper housebreaking will help teach your pup where it is appropriate to go and where it is not, marking is a completely different behavior than accidents in the house.

Why Dogs Mark their Territory & How to Stop Yorkie Puppies from Doing It