Dogs get lost.  It’s a simple but sad fact of life that dogs can wander off, get loose while you’re on vacation, or even get stolen.  If you have current tags and an ID tag on his collar, you may get him back safely, but collars can easily fall off or get snagged on something long before your lost pet is found and taken to a shelter.  To give your dog the best chance of being reunited with you, be sure he is properly microchipped.

Pet microchips are tiny computer chips not much larger than a grain of rice that will identify your dog and links to a registry containing your dog’s vital information (such as medical conditions) as well as your contact information and the name of your dog’s veterinarian.  They are inserted below the skin between the shoulder blades and last for twenty five years (long enough to protect your pet for life).

Kennels, veterinarian’s offices and shelters use a wand that picks up the radio frequency of the chip to identify it.  Registries are open year round, 24 hours a day so that emergency identification is always available in the event of a serious illness or accident.  Any time you move or your contact information changes, just update your pet’s information with the registry company associated with your dog’s microchip.

At Puppy Match 4 You, we encourage every pet owner to be responsible and have microchips implanted in their dogs.  We’re so sure that dog microchips are essential to protecting pets’ safety that we have every puppy at Puppy Match 4 You microchipped before going to his or her permanent owner.  We rest easier knowing we’ve done everything we can so that you and your dog are never separated for long.

Why Microchips for Dogs Are So Important
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