Hi Tyler,

We’ve received Corby last night. Oh my God he is amazing! Such a wonderful puppy,just a bundle of joy. It hasn’t been 24 hours since his arrival in to our family but I can already tell he feels happy and comfortable. He’s been eating,playing and of course sleeping. We are so happy to have him. Thank you so much for all your help and the wonderful service you’ve provided. Please send our regards and big thanks for everything to Corby’s breeder. We sincerely appreciate everything you guys did for us. We’ll keep you updated and send you pictures of him.

Thank you so very much for this precious puppy,
– Anna Zaiceva

Jasper’s here!! He’s the perfect fit for our family!! Thank you again!!
– Matt Klause







I bought my Puggle from you almost a year ago now and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures. He’s actually FAMOUS!! He ended up on a website called muttropolis.com that sells dog stuff. It’s awesome. Thank you so much for the most fantastic dog ever.
– Andy Ramirez




We received our most adorable French Bulldog today Sydney… “Cupcake”…We LOVE her already! She’s GORGEOUS, and sweet as pie. Thank you so much!

– Nicole and Thomas




I attached a few pictures of Brody, formally Shadow. He is quite the little guy, we couldn’t be happier with him!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the pics!
– Katelyn Trombey



Good Morning Tyler, I was wanted to thank you for flying Marley in safely. He was so adorable and my nephew was in heaven. Thank you so much for helping us make his wish come true. I’m really glad we found you, because now we know who to go if we should ever buy another Marley. We will send pix soon!!!
– Karyn


Working with Tyler at Puppy Match 4 You has been nothing but wonderful! My Puggle is the most amazing dog ever. Having had several large dogs before, I can’t help but sell everyone now on a Puggle! They are so smart and great with kids and the love of my life!
– Dana Thompson



We adopted Dudley a while ago and picked him up on November 28th and wanted to give you an update on him. His new name is Cooper :). He adapted to our house very quickly! He is such a fun loving puppy. Cooper loves to cuddle up in our arms and take naps. He is also very playful! Cooper got really spoiled over Christmas when ‘Santa’ brought him a lot of new toys 🙂 I attached some pictures so you can see how much he has grown! He is already 3 months old and almost 4 months! Thank you so much! We absolutely LOVE him! 🙂

PS- in some of the pictures he is wearing one of his Christmas presents, which was a snuggie that a family friend gave him 🙂
– The Eaton Family

Hi there!!- Just wanted to send you some more pictures of Vegas…He is now weighing in a 26lbs! He is happy and healthy and absolutely wonderful! Vegas was in a tie to go to my mom’s dog’s birthday with the kids. He was so good, didn’t even take it off!! In the picture of him in the water bowl, he is with his “sister” Kiki, they love to play fight! That is when Vegas is most active! He loves the kids and cuddles at every chance he gets, but if you pet him while he is sleeping, he moves away! He has learned how to jump up onto the couch, and go down the stairs on his own, it took him a while to get the nerve to try. Basically, we want to thank you again! We love our baby!!
– Kara Jepherson


Lola arrived safe and sound at the airport! She was as happy as could be and not even nervous! She even rode home in her crate stretched out on her back as though she had been here before! She was greeted by every kid in the neighborhood and boy was she happy! The kids were happy too! Here’s a few photos for you just to let you know that she’s doing great and enjoying all of the attention!
– Marie


I searched the internet for puggles in the area and Tyler’s website was not only the most helpful but he has the best prices. Foster was the best purchase I have ever made. He is playful, fun, adorable and extremely loving. He will curl up on my lap and take a nap with me. They are also brilliant dogs. When he is running in circles, playing with other dogs, he will cut through the middle to get them. They are easy to potty train and great with other dogs. Thanks Tyler!
– Katherine Boag


Hey Tyler!!!! How are you doing? Wheezy and I are doing great!!! I love Wheezy so much! Thanks for everything!
– Giselle Murillo




Thanks so much for everything, including your patience ;)…Abby is precious and very much worth the wait. She’s a good puppy and is learning very quickly. We just love her to pieces.
– Cami 🙂




Salome is sooo smart & beautiful that I wouldn’t want to risk going to any other breeder. It was the perfect Match 🙂
– Edna Isabel




Hi Tyler- Luke is everything we were hoping for. Thank you for helping us find the perfect puppy!
– Aaron Horowitz




Hi Tyler, just wanted to e-mail the most recent pics of Toby. He’s 6 months now. We ADORE him…he is such a good dog. He’s great with the kids, other dogs, other people, etc. We couldn’t have gotten a better pet. Thanks again!
– Lisa Gallatin



Hi Tyler: I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what an absolute Joy this new puppy is. She is such a good girl. Her vet said that she is very healthy and very sweet. I work on the computer at a large medical group in Mission Viejo and so I brought her to work the first couple of days so that she would bond with me and get into a routine of feeling comfortable around people and all the nurses (about 100 of them) are just spoiling her rotten!!! The patients all want to pet her and she makes them smile. She is very playful and happy. Quite the cheerful personality! I’m sending you a couple of pictures I took this week and I’ll be sending you more as she gets bigger. My girlfriend from work that drove to your house with me has a pool and when it gets warmer I plan to teach Boston how to swim. I will be sure to send you pictures.

I have found out that she just loves the water. When I put her water dish down, she likes to get her front paws inside it and splash all the water and dig at the water to make is swirl. I just tell everybody that she is washing her hands… ha ha ha”

Thanks again Tyler for bringing this little angel into my life. She is just Perfect!!
– Jamie Prescott

I attached some of our first photos with Calvin. I say first because I think we took about a hundred already. Here are a few for the website. I notice there were alot of puggles posted so maybe Calvin can make it up there start the bulldog photos. Thanks again for everything!
– Nathan Pile




Hey Tyler- I just wanted to let you know that I love my new puppy! Thank you so much for everything. I named him Pax and we have been having lots of fun and taking lots of pictures so I will send some your way soon. Also I contacted a vet today (July 20th) and Pax and I will be going for our first appointment and exam on Monday the 23rd. Because of the weekend and everything they could not get me in any sooner. Just wanted to let you know whats going on with us, hope you are having a great day! Thanks again for everything. Best,
– Katlin

Hello Tyler!!- So I’ve officially had 24 hours with my little guy and I am totally in love! How am I going to ever leave him to go back to work next week?

Thank you so much for him, the whole process was great… [I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first and afraid that I might find a puppy at the airport that looks nothing like what I chose] …and I will definitely recommend Puppy Match 4 You to everyone I meet.

Attached are some of pics… I love him!! Thanks again!!
– Angela Tsun

Hi Tyler- We love Bugsy (Preston) dearly and thank you so much for a wonderful companion!
– Jackie Pearson





We got our puppy Henry from Puppy Match about a month ago, and he is the best puppy that anyone could ever get. Tyler was so helpful with all of our questions and requests that we had for him! I would recommend anyone to get a puppy from Puppy Match! We just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ so much for giving us a great little Welsh Corgi addition to our family!
– Mallory, Kevin & Henry 🙂


Hi Tyler- We wanted to let you know that Ryder made it to our house safe and sound. He is absolutely adorable and is a great dog already. Thanks!
– Lisa




Tyler- I just wanted to let you know that Sydney (now Kona) is doing great! She is such a great addition to our family. She is so adorable, people stop us in the streets to pet and look at her. She and our 11 week old Lab are getting along so well, it?s like they are litter mates! Thank you for bringing her to us!
– Stacy and Jeff Guy



Thank you for your excellent service. We could not have asked for a better experience and more important a better puppy. I have recommended your service to several of my friends and colleagues.

Kind Regards,
– Michael Ogg



Hi Tyler- We have Duke! He is more awesome than we thought!Thank you so much for everything. You made this experience very easy for us. Here are a couple of pictures of the dog. Thanks again Tyler!
– Deanna



Hi Tyler- Just wanted to show you how happy Sadie is in her new home. The kids (Alexis and Ian) are ecstatic. She is definitely loved beyond her wildest imagination. Thanks for bringing us together. It was a pleasure working with you.
– Brendi




Here is Oliver he is a blessing. He is adorable, sweet, loving, and very sweet. I attached some pictures and more will be coming. Thanks!
– The Sotos




Just wanted to let ya know we have Gracie and she fits in sooo perfect with all the other dogs, she is sooooo precious and adorable. Thank you so much for helping us get her. We will be sending some photos as soon as we get some.

Thanks again,
– Erica and Rebecca


Sorry it has taken a while to write.

Kenna arrived very safely late Friday night. I took her to the vet on Monday, and she received a clean bill of health. She also had her next set of shots.

Kenna has been excellent, and is fitting in very well. She bonded very quickly and follows me around everywhere. She loves to cuddle, but also loved to play a lot. She is so cute! Of course, she is already sleeping on my bed at night. She actually goes pretty much through the night, and has not had any accidents in the house yet. She actually goes to my back door when she wants out. I am finding out that she is pretty smart for a puppy.
– Sue Harper

Here are pictures of General Lee. Thanks so much!
– Hal Tate





I just wanted to let you know that I took Dax (Charlie) to the vet and she said he was a perfect puppy. I am so relieved and he is a great little boy. He has met plenty of people the last couple days and he is adjusting well. Thanks again and as I write this Dax is snoring. He is so cute! Thanks again!!!
– Michael



Here is a photo of Molly. She loves the California sunshine! She is the best puppy. She has adapted to our family and is great with the kids and all of their friends. Thanks so much!
– Julie




Hey Tyler! I’m Sumer….my mom and stepdad, (Sarafina and Michael Jackson) recently bought me, and themselves puppies from you. I really want to thank you for coming through with the pocket puggle for me….her name is Bella – and she is quite a piece of work, (in a good way of course!). Even though she is only 9 weeks, she has an amazing personality that’s starting to show….and she’s so smart too! She’s been in my place for just a few days, and is already starting to go pottie in the litter box, (yay!). I attached a pic so you can see how happy we are, lol :). She is my new best friend and I am looking forward to giving her the wonderful doggie life she deserves ;). Thanks again,
– Sumer

We all just LOVE Skully (formerly known as “Molly”). Our two oldest kids, ages 9 & 7, love to play with her and our youngest, age 1 1/2, likes it when she licks his hands. Even our 5 year old Australian Shepard loves her. You should see the two of them play–I was a little worried how “Ana” would take to the puppy, but to see them play, you would think Skully was one of her own. Thank you so much for helping us through the process of getting her. She was definitely worth the wait! We couldn’t be happier. If anyone ever asks us if we think a puggle would make a great pet for them, we will definitely say YES and recommend PuppyMatch4You!!
– Suzette Hufford

It has been a year since Willow arrived in Omaha and I just wanted to send you a little update on my French Puggle.

Willow is absolutely amazing. Smart as a whip, personality plus, loving beyond words (the best cuddler!), a true social butterfly. She loves everyone, every dog, every bug, every leaf. She is my first dog and I honestly don’t know if I will ever find a dog of her quality ever again. She comes to work with me every Friday and has the run of the office. My office is her second home and everyone looks forward to Friday’s because it’s “Willow Day”.

Honestly Tyler, words really cannot express what a true gem she is. Wherever I go, people stop me because she is so beautiful and I sing your praises at every opportunity. Thank you for my little blessing. She has changed my life.
– Heidi Petersen

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I also wanted to send you a Christmas photo of our little guys. We have named Logan (Harry Winston… Harry for short) and Bentley, his name is Mac. Here is their Christmas picture. We hope you enjoy!
– Kelly and Brent Sabo



Bentley is growing up to be a BIG boy! He is 50 pounds so far! He has been WONDERFUL!
– Krista, Eric, Tyler, & Bentley




What a perfect dog!! Dex (aka Cooper) is the sweetest and most nobel dog. Dex has been a part of our family for almost 2 months now and what a blessing every second has been. We are soooo LUCKY to have gotten xuch an amazing dog. Thank you soo much to the breeders and Puppy match for you for this precious boy.
– Ariane Jacobsen


I just want to let anyone who uses Puppy Match 4 You not to be frightened. Tyler was so awesome! He got back to me when I needed him to get back to me. He was honest and kept his word. I am so happy with Oly a.k.a (Molly). She was shipped to me by air and when I got her she was so happy and healthy. I would recommend Puppy Match 4 You to any of my friends who are looking for a puppy. Thank you Tyler! Oly and I are a perfect match and I am so happy and pleased. Good luck with your business. If I am ever in need of another puppy I will be back.

Take Care,
– Leland Magallanes