Residents are compelled to pay exorbitant premiums for homeowners insurance in Florida. The costs are the highest in the country. The average annual cost for a standard HO-3 homeowners insurance in Florida is around two thousand dollars. The average across the country for the same policy is around twelve hundred dollars. The specific cost of homeowners insurance in Florida will definitely vary depending on the size of the house, assets, address and other pertinent factors. If you compare the average cost of homeowners insurance in Florida with that of Oregon then there is a difference of a whopping fourteen hundred dollars. Oregonians pay around six hundred dollars on an average. 

The HO-3 policy is a hybrid insurance scheme for homeowners according to It insures the dwelling occupied by the owner including the integral private structures, unscheduled property on the premises and away, loss of use and coverage for personality liability and medical expenses. The policy is a mix of named perils policy and open perils policy. The house is under the coverage of open perils policy while the personal property contents are under the coverage of named perils policy. There are other types of homeowners insurance policy such as HO-1 which is limited to named perils or HO-8 which is similar but it covers ten specific perils. HO-4 is the insurance policy for renters. 

The cost of homeowners insurance in Florida is substantially higher than most other states across the country owing to the vulnerability of the properties. Florida encounters hurricanes almost routinely. Seven of the ten most horrific hurricanes in the country over the last fifteen to twenty years battered the state. Six of these occurred from 2004 through 2005. The state is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the Hurricane Irma that caused extensive damage in 2017. Insurers will always factor in risks while determining the costs of homeowners insurance in Florida. 

If hurricanes were not a severe enough threat making homes vulnerable in Florida, the state is also a high risk when it comes to wildfires and tornadoes. As per the 2016 ranking of all states, Florida is placed sixth and seventh for wildfires and tornadoes respectively. The 2017 ranking saw the state safely beyond the ten riskiest in these two categories but the threat still looms large. 

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